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Miscellaneous Charges

Malaysian Student Fee Structure (Package 3.4)

International Student Fee Structure (Package 4.4)


The School reserve the right to reintroduce waived fees/ promotions at any time upon the discretion of the School Management. The fees may vary from time-to-time.

All Fees (annual, termly or monthly) are payable latest by 7th day of the beginning of the academic year, school term or month. The school reserves the right to restrict the student’s attendance in classes until all fees due have been settled.

Our LOCK-FEE POLICY is to ensure that you’ll enjoy the fee structure throughout your child’s studies at Zenith International School.

  1. Student placement is strictly on a “First Come, First Served” basis, and subject to the Acceptance Policy of the School.
  2. The “Lock Fee” Policy guarantees that even if the school raises the Annual School Fees in the future, your child/children will only be charged on the fees as per agreed during registration, provided their enrollment is continuous without any breaks.
  3. This “Lock Fee” policy ONLY applies to Annual School Fees and not for any other fees or any other fees related to the education of the student at Zenith International School which is not stated in the fee structure e.g. exam registration fees.
  4. The Application Fee and Registration Fee is a one-time only, non-refundable payment. However, if your child doesn’t satisfy our Acceptance Policy prior to the commencement of class, we will only FULLY REFUND the Registration Fee. The Application Fee will NOT be refunded. All refunds will be made within three (3) months from the date of rejection.
  5. The fee stated here doesn’t include any Excursion and Ad-Hoc school event costs. The individual excursion & ad-hoc event cost shall be advised through official letters prior to the event and payment details will be detailed in the official letters.
  6. In case a student leaves Zenith International School and wishes to re-register after the enrolled Academic Year, the Registration Fee will need to be paid again.
  7. The sibling discounts are applicable as long as all siblings are currently enrolled at Zenith. If one of the siblings completes his/her education or leaves the school, the sibling discount shall change accordingly.
  8. An official letter signed by the parent/guardian named below is required to withdraw a student from Zenith International School.
  9. Any Security Deposit, if originally paid, will only be refunded if the school receives the 1 (One) term notice as stipulated in the table of charges on the previous page. The Management of the School reserve the right to withhold payment of any refunds of the Security Deposit until such time fulfilling the 1 term notice for any notice which is less than the required 1 term. This will be decided by the Management on case by case basis.
  10. Any school fees paid in advance (Term or Annual) is only refundable based on the following conditions:-  (a) 1 full term or minimum of 3 months’ notice of withdrawal has been received & (b) Management reserves the right to withhold payment of School Fees refund until 3 months have passed from date of notice of withdrawal.