Maths Genius


Many schools strive to improve a child’s Mathematics but have continuously failed. The solution to improving a child’s Maths is through repetitive practices but this has proven to bore a child. Maths should be tackled in an interesting way, and the weakness of a child should be handled immediately, not at the end of a term.

As Maths understanding is progressive, it is necessary for a child to understand a chapter or topic before progressing to the next chapter or topic. Understanding this crucial need, we are working along with Bright Robin Academy and are proud to provide you with our Maths Genius solution. This programme is not an add-on but it’s part of our curriculum.

What is the Maths Genius programme?

Incorporating the British, Singapore and Malaysia (KSSR/UPSR/PT3) Maths syllabus, our Maths Genius programme targets at asisting every student in improving their Maths understanding & skills and ultimately preparing them for the Maths Olympiad.

Who is this programme targeted to?

Currently, our Maths Genius programme targets at students from Year 1 to Year 9. It follows the British Maths syllabus and exposes students to the renowned Singapore Maths.

How effective is the Maths Genius?

After every weekly lesson, your child is tested on the taught topic. Upon testing, a report is generated immediately identifying your child’s strength & weakness. So rather than waiting till examination, our teachers can solve his/her weakness immediately. This is a personalised programme as every child is attended to individually. This has proven a speedy improvement in our student’s Maths skills. This also totally eliminates the need of any extra tuition/guidance where Maths is concerned.

Do I need to get any special device?

Not at all. This programme is conducted in school through our dedicated SmartLab.

How will I know my child’s progress?

Every parent will be provided with a monthly progress report, including the weakness identified and steps taken to improve them. This progress report will also show your child’s nationwide ranking.

How much is the cost of your Maths Genius?

This programme is retailed at RM 1,560 per annum. But for our students, you’ll only need to pay a subsidised fee of RM 400 per annum. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of each level.
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