To The Management/Staff/Teachers,

Greetings to all. As parents of our daughter Ashika Nair,who passed out successfully from your institution recently, we wish to record our sincere appreciation to the Management and the dedicated teachers who have made this possible.

We must agree that there were some apprehensions when we made the decision to enroll Ashika in Zenith, particularly because she was already in another International School and the fact that Zenith was just founded raised our anxiety and doubts of the expectations.

While there may have been some trials and tribulations faced by the School in the initial stages, as is in most instances, we must agree that the Management and Teachers have made the school proud and an environment worthy of respect for our children.

We wish the Zenith team all the best in the years ahead and once again a big thank you as parents of Ashika Nair.

Best wishes,
Premnath Nair.



To whom it may concern,

Hi. I am a parent for both kids currently studying in KI (Ashley Lim) AND K2 (Chloe Lim). I would like to take this opportunity to compliment and express my gratitude to Miss Jackie and Miss Lydia. My kids improved tremendously since joining the school both academic and studies. Besides that, they are happy with the school environment and actively participate in the outdoor activities.

Thank you and best regards,
Gary Lim



To all teachers & staffs,

Zenith has always been & will always be my inspiration to look at the bright side of challenges and face them without fear. The teachers & staffs has helped me & my classmates to progress smoothly, without the extra guidance given at all times.

It is indeed the best international school I went to but unfortunately I didnt get the chance to finish my studies as we had to relocate.

My best wishes,
Jashvin Jash



Dear Zenithians,

It’s so amazing to know that Zenith International School is in existence. With the warm welcome and ever-ready to assist our needs, I sincerely want people to know about this school. The learning experience is different with their innovative methods of teaching.

Wishing you all the best,
Michael Nnamdi



To dear Zenith teachers,

I would like to thank all school staffs especialy to Mr. Param and Miss Mary for guiding my son V.Alves. Divaldo Alves. He has indeed enjoyed his studies at Zenith.

Though we were in Malaysia for a short period, I will definitely send my son to Zenith when I come back there.

Best regards,
Teixeira Alves



Dear teachers & friends,

This is one of the best school I’ve ever been to. I had the pleasure to make new friends from other countries and I dare to say one of the most friendly and helpful teachers I have ever met.

And not missing, a great ambience & surrounding. A really great view of the swimming pool & the greenery around.

All the best guys,