Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ages does Zenith International School cater to?
Which curriculum does Zenith offer?
What is IGCSE?
Does Zenith provide any extra learning support?
What nationalities are the students at Zenith International School?
How many students are there in each class?
What foreign languages are offered at the school?
Is there a dress code in the school?
Are Malaysians allowed to study at Zenith?
Does Zenith offer boarding facilities?
What are the Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) offered by the school?
Does the school provide transportation services?
What type of assessment is required for admission and why?
What are the regular school hours?
When are your school intakes?
What is the best way for a parent to communicate with a teacher or the principal?
What type of food is available at the school cafeteria?
What is the minimum academic qualification of Zenith's teachers?